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Algaecide - Biocide

These products destroy algae, lichens, moss and microorganisms and guarantee durable protection against parasitic plants. Our anti-moss products ensure an impeccable finish to your new constructions but are also perfectly suited to the restoration of various surfaces: roofs, walls and floors.


Curative and preventive water based algaecide SCALP ANTI-M is a algaecide for roofing, facades, walls and floors. SCALP ANTI-M is designed for use on building materials (tile, slate, fibro-cement, shingle, stone, mineral sealers, brick, plaster,...


A new generation product designed for preventive and curative dual action treatment: Water repellent & moss inhibitor SCALPFUGE ANTI-M is a fungicide for roofs, façades, walls and floors. This product is designed for use on building materials...
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