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Our History

65 years of history

The experience gained during our 65-year history has enabled SCALP to become a specialist in the design, manufacturing and marketing of surface cleaning, treatment and protection products.


The company was set up on 19 October 1950 under the name “Comptoir Commercial des Peintures” (Paint Business Syndicate). It was originally an organisation dedicated to the distribution of technical paints and accessories.


action au porteur scalp1952

The company name was changed to S.C.A.L.P.

"Société Commerciale d’Approvisionnement Laques et Peintures".




Originally a local distributor of chemical products, SCALP and its management team built a speciality chemical company, moving on from simple mixtures to the more complex techniques of the current products, serving a demanding market in terms of quality and performance.


Since 2000, SCALP has been a member of the “Union des Industries Chimiques” (French Chemical Industries Union), which promotes the competitiveness and development of the chemical industry and its application in France, on a regional, national and European levels.